Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's a Cake!

Do you see that little cake in the middle? It's perfect, I love it.

Being that we're dessert people, Guille and I couldn't decide on one dessert so we're serving smaller portions of two desserts on one plate. Later, we'll have cake with champagne but as people will probably be full, we'll only need a little cake. Thus, this is cake perfection.

Our venue serves desserts made by a local baker. Since I've tried a variety of her creations, I have no doubt that she'll make a delicious cake. And now I know exactly what I want!

What is it about Sunday mornings that make them so lovely? Maybe it's that the city has finally quited down and you can hear birds chirping. Maybe it's the calm before the storm of a crazy work week. Whatever it is, Happy Sunday morning. :)


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

lots of dessert...yum! i too woke up this morning and thought finally! a day with nothing to do, and just luxuriated on my couch listening to podcasts for a while.

Marie said...

I love simple cakes and this one looks yummy! Plus multiple desserts sounds just up my street. Mmmm lucky you!

Katie said...

What a sweet little cake! I like the multiple dessert idea - you can't go wrong there.

What kind of cake are you going with? A traditional pound cake or something different? Perhaps that information is top secret... ;)

meag said...

No idea on the kind of cake yet, just the shape. jeje