Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alternative Diet

I've been trying to keep myself busy with things to do outside the house besides eating. This is trickier than you might think because I can't just go to the movies, I have to have nachos. I can't bowl without beer. And I love to sample street food, which generally includes pororo (sweet popcorn) on walks. Going out to eat is my favorite thing.

Typically, Rosario shopping doesn't tempt me much. There's not usually a wide selection, nothing spectacular that I have to have, and not much of great value. Plus I hate being bugged by salespeople and having to ask for everything, only to find out that I don't like something. And, inevitably, I'm asked where I'm from and then have to explain why I'm here. Bleh.

But I found this really cool shopping fair. It's a big warehouse space filled with local designers. Cooltura is laid back and easy to peruse. Open every Sunday from 13-19 at Puerte Espana. A perfect alternative to lunching.

I couldn't resist these adorable handmade ballet flats anymore than I could resist a brownie with ice cream. I just eat them up! :) They're by Mujersuela, which may sound a little dirty if you speak Spanish (a mujerzuela is a loose woman), but suela means sole. So it's kinda like sole-woman.

And for 85 pesos, they're quite a steal. That should satisfy my appetite for a while.


Katie said...

How cute are those!? I hear you on the whole shopping thing. Generally, I'm just not into it here for the reasons you mentioned, and I could really use a tape-recorded message about where I'm from, do I like Necochea, etc. But if I had that Cooltura fair, there would be trouble. ;)

Marie said...

Ooh they're lovely.

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i love the wood soles! i wish i could find handmade shoes!

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

ps. this post also reminds me of your "beer or ice cream" dilemna, which also reminds me that there is a hagen daaz 2 blocks from my new place that i need to check out to satisfy my own cravings!