Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner with a side of jazz

Back to wedding planning. It finally seems official that we're getting married and my family will be here to see it. And so, with less than 3 months to plan, we're getting things together. In this episode, we listen.

Of course, it isn't necessary that we provide live music for our small dinner crowd, but it seems like a good excuse for it. We're not stressing over this element of the wedding planning process - our venue will play their usual dinner music if we don't have musicians, and we can even suggest our favorites. And with this relaxed attitude, Guille (the violinist) and I (the former Carnegie Hall employee) went out in search of a sound.

We heard that a jazz quartet was playing at Cafe de la Opera, the sister cafe of Cafe de la Musica, located in Teatro Circulo.

It was a fun time, and good to hear live music again (though in such a small space, amplifiers seem overwhelming). But I think we realized that it's too much for our little wedding. Now we know that we're more interested in background music - something that our guests can enjoy but that doesn't impede conversation. If we had dancing, then it would be a different story - we need meal music. We might be going with a single Spanish guitar player.

The cover for the Jazz Club Rosario show was 15 AR$. Be advised that, as is typical in Argentina, a live performance that is scheduled for 9pm will most likely start closer to 11pm. The menu was much smaller than that of Cafe de la Musica, but they had 2 3-course dinner options for either 29 or 34 AR$. The food was good, though a picada would work just as well. What is it about bread pudding that just fails to excite me?

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