Friday, October 16, 2009

Vegetarian Rosario

I've briefly mentioned these vegetarian restaurants but they're worthy of their own post - it's not easy being green in an extreme meat-loving country, but I hope these spots will stick around.

Verde Te Quiero Verde
(Palace Garden Shopping, top floor)
Verde has become my go-to place for Saturday lunch. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, natural flavor infused water and teas, and healthy eats, like spinach mashed potatoes. I'm a big fan of the woks and tartas, but there is still a lot on the menu that I haven't tried - like the pizzas and salads. I also haven't tried the 35 peso brunch buffet as seen here:
LinkIt just seems that there's something new to try each time. Here's the tapas sampler that included cheesey baked tofu, olive tapenade, roasted tomatoes, herbed cheese, another spread (carrot and butternut squash?), seeds and nuts, and toasts. It was plenty for both of us.

Oh, and the homemade bread...yum.

Sana Sana
(Alvear y Brown)A healthy way to go out to eat. The lunchtime specials here are fulfilling and more budget-friendly than dinner. Their lentil-loaf (inspiration for lentil burgers) came on an overflowing plate and was only 15 pesos with drink. Last week, this veggie wok with rice noodles was 17 pesos with drink (orange or lemon juice). Lunch also includes tasty rolls.

So thanks, veggie places, for daring to be different. :)

**2012 Update: For veggie take-out options see this post and visit La Casa De Nicolas on Santa Fe between Italia and España. Also, the prices listed above are much higher now.**

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Katie said...

While I'm not a vegetarian, I can appreciate a chef/restaurant that can successfully put together a delicious, imaginative meal without meat. It seems to me that vegetarians are often relegated to pastas, and I imagine that gets boring after a while. All of the restaurants and dishes you highlighted look colorful and tasty. Can you send a basket of that homemade bread down here...?