Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dinner for Two

This may look like a scene from a cheap hotel, but it's actually a bedroom picnic. I threw a vintage table cloth over our bed to keep out the crumbs and voila! Dinner and a movie in our pajamas. Luckily, veggie burgers have made it to Argentina (though not popular in restaurants) and my options are expanding. Yes, in typical white people fashion that's hummus again. This time we soaked 1/2 cup of dried chickpeas overnight and then boiled for 30 minutes and incorporated into the recipe.

In case you're interested in actually leaving the casa, here are a few vegetarian (or veg friendly restaurants) in Rosario that I've tried recently and recommend:
-Verde Te Quiero Verde -- Organic and reasonably priced, and fresh slices of homemade bread keep coming. Go early for lunch, it gets a little sloppy after the crowd. The vegetable and rice wok is delish.
(Palace Garden Shopping, top floor)
-La Casa de Nicholas -- Chinese take-out! A miracle, given the lack of ethnic food here. No fortune cookies though - I'll be searching for a recipe of these most-likely American concoctions. (Mendoza 937)
-Sana Sana -- A little pricey but at least someone in this city has figured out FLAVOR! (Alvear y Brown)


CFC Flames '04 said...

Is that your bed or his??? You do have seperate beds don't you??? Oh, please don't tell me you're living in sin! What will the rest of our family think!!??? FOR SHAME!!
No - you are not allowed to ask me any questions at this point about this subject.

meag said...

Yes, my mother gave me the 'giving away the milk for free' line. Honestly, I'm just glad that someone wants the milk in the face of so many cooking disasters.

CFC Flames '04 said...

WAHA-HA-HA!! You go girl!
Can't wait to meet the milk man! Really - maybe next year....ummmm how kid friendly is it there??? Do my boys need to know how to drink before we come?