Monday, January 12, 2009

Life is like a box of...assorted Argentine sweets

I waited until I knew my parents' Christmas package had arrived before I post this pic...didn't want to ruin the surprise. And they received it in a record-breaking 2 weeks! I've scoured the candy shops of Argentina, leaving not even a gum drop unturned, and I awarded my favorites with an all expenses paid trip to the States, via airmail. And the research wasn't easy, friends, I had to eat a lot of crap. A lot of the mass produced chocolate available here is subpar, or perhaps has just hung out on dusty store shelves too long. And there is American candy, like Twix and Snickers, but if it's made in Brazil don't waste your pesos.

From the top left-

Milka Leger - air infused milk chocolate, similar to an Aero bar
Milka Mount 3 - Milka chocolate is really very good, this one is stuffed with hazelnut nougat
Shot Crunchy - an acceptable substitute when I'm craving a Snickers bar, chocolate with peanuts
Royal assortment of Christmas goodies - turron, crocante de mani (like peanut brittle), and sugared peanuts
San Ignacio dulce de leche (I'm sure that you know what this is by now)
Bonafide Nugaton - this has become my candy bar of choice- it's like a bigger Kit Kat with layers of delicate wafers
Kinder Eggs - a thin shell of milk chocolate on the outside with a white chocolate lining and a toy inside!
Terrabusi alfajor - a classic
9 de Oros - sweet, sugar encrusted crackers (I like to eat these with cup of tea and pretend that I'm English - evnin' govnah!)


Fabricio said...

mmm I remember sweets from La Royal in peatonal Cordoba. I am the oposite of you. i was raised in Rosario and moved to the US

Katie said...

Mmmm, I would have liked to have helped you with your research, as I have a terrible sweet tooth! It looks like you turned up some tasty candy.

Just out of curiosity, which candy bar was the most disappointing?

By the way, I'm not sure if you've ever been to Bariloche, but the chocolate there is insanely good. Mamuschka is the best! *drool*

meag said...

OMG Katie, yes I have been to Bariloche and I ate as much chocolate as possible..and then some. mmm

I have to say that I wasn't impressed by some Arcor candies, Coffler and choc covered peanuts. I'm also not so fond of those herb flavored gum drops. And I unfairly compare Rocklets to M&Ms and wish that Bon o Bons had a more peanut buttery taste. There's a banana flavored chocolate bar that I avoid at all costs.

Oh, also, I like Aquila chocolate for baking over Miskey (sp?).

Anonymous said...

What? no coconut alfajores? you have to be kidding me!Terabusi, I am telling you. SO good! It is too bad you cant send ice cream back to them through the mail huh?

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