Friday, June 17, 2011

¡¿Cabina Fotográfica?!

Well, we couldn't very well call it a photobooth, now could we? Cotillón (party props and attire - you know, funny hats and such) is a very important part of Argentine weddings and parties. You usually bust it out on the dance floor around 3am. But what if your party doesn't include dancing? Enter the photobooth: so popular that it's almost cliché at home, but soon to be all the rage here.

What do you need? 
1) Any cotillón that you have stolen from weddings
2) Funny mustaches and glasses on sticks
3) Additional props, as needed (a feather boa is pretty much a necessity and a small blackboard is nice)
4) An empty picture frame

5) A sign that says "cabina fotográfica"- you know, since it's such an odd concept

6) I would also say that you need some sort of background but large groups are likely to rush the booth and you would need a wall full of fabric for that so don't beat yourself up over it.


Links to printable mustaches:

7) A puppy to try your props on

Links to printable glasses and more:
Photobooth Props (play with the size)

I traced the staches onto black goma eva and the glasses/bow tie/lips onto card stock paper, then cut them out and super glued them onto some kebob sticks.

Here are some of the resulting photos (but not the professional ones - those I'll post later):


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

wait so what occasion was this from? not your wedding because your little dog is here too.

meag said...

it was my father in law's 60th birthday bash!

SinR said...

That is so funny! I did this for Juan's first birthday as an excuse to get a photo of everyone that came!! love it!

a片 said...