Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Permanent Residency Remains Temporary

Well, the immigration office's 'system' is apparently functioning again. I know this because they printed out a fee page which required me to pay 10 pesos to renew my temporary permanent residence status for another 3 months. Of course, in order to pay the fee I had to go stand in a line at a bank and then return to the immigration office. We were really upset that they charged us a fee to renew this crappy status when they openly admit that we committed no wrongdoing. It's up to the Argentine police to check my INTERPOL records, but they're busy and haven't gotten around to it. However, when we said that this was unfair they blamed me for being American - "Your country is the only one that doesn't sign police records, so..." - so what?!? So I deserve this delay and additional fee because you ask for things that you won't accept and you blame me for your process?? And they said that I would have to pay the fee for each renewal, hinting at the fact that I probably won't be getting permanent residency in 3 months either. Thanks Argentina. You're a real pal.


Katie said...

How absolutely maddening! As much as I am looking forward to getting married to Daniel, I'm not excited about the new round of bureaucracy that will begin when I apply for residency and my DNI. I know you must be feeling terribly frustrated, but hang in there, Meag! This, too, shall pass.

meag said...

thanks katie. i'm considering baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies (with my precious brown sugar reserves) for the immigration ladies in hopes that it might motivate some action. i mean, if you can't beat 'em... ;)