Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eat, Drink, and be Green!

image from drinks are on me

This year I'm taking it easy on the green. Just a simple day with Irish Car Bomb cupcakes (and beer) to celebrate. I've found two amazing, similar recipes from Smitten Kitchen and Drinks are on Me that each feature a yummy Guinness-based chocolate batter.

I also came across the Working Holiday Agreement, which allows students and recent grads from Ireland and the US to live and work in each others' country for a year. Wish I would have known about this sooner! Still, thought it would be nice to pass along today.

Saint Patrick was a gentleman,
Who through strategy and stealth,
Drove all the snakes from Ireland,
Here’s a toasting to his health.
But not too many toastings
Lest you lose yourself and then
Forget the good Saint Patrick
And see all those snakes again.

Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!


Katie said...

Those cupcakes sound insanely good! I hope you had a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Julia said...

check this out fried guiness cupcakes! unfortunately i was not able to make it to try them

Maria Carra said...

Hi Meag, I really enjoy your posts! Cupcakes sound great, and I love the pics on your site. I currently publish a food blog for Bs. As. at