Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wedding Workout #1

Weed pulling is a fun and enjoyable sport...I just love the pop that the root makes when it's yanked from the ground. I recommend this exercise for targeting arm, butt, and thigh'll definitely feel it the next day, ouch.

Clearly, I've given up on the gym - it smelled like sweaty boys and was way too hot, making it even less desirable for me to exercise. I'm supplementing my weed pulling with pilates for my current workout - I'll let you know how it goes - possible before & after pics. Until then, enjoy these hints of spring!


Katie said...

Hooray for spring! Gardening really can be a good workout, plus you have the added benefit of pretty flowers and a well-manicured lawn afterward. :) It looks like you have a nice piece of ground at your place. Your flowers are looking good!

Marie said...

Your garden is lovely! I am very jealous that you have one. And if it's becoming Spring in Argentina that means it's closer to me coming! Woohoo!

Plus the gardening work out is a great idea, good for body and soul.

meag said...

Oh I wish! This is the family's weekend house in Funes, which we neglected all winter, and now we're taking back the yard from all of the weeds!

Marie, how exciting that you're visiting Argentina! Details!