Monday, July 16, 2012

Crepes in Rosario!

So there's this block that I've mentioned before because of a spacious Starbucks and my favorite pizzeria. I want to move to this block because now it's also home to Rosario's first creperie, Manjula Crepes.

They've got a full menu of both savory and sweet crepes so you can have a full crepe meal! Of course, I'm partial to anything with Nutella. And they have waffles too!

Manjula has a casual atmosphere and you order at the counter, something that's actually quite unusual here. They also have a patio to the side with those outdoor heater things. And the patio is dog-friendly!

The creperie is named after the character (Apu's wife) on the Simpsons -- and the same owners also have a shawarma/falafel place called Apu's. How sweet...and savory!

Find Manjula at Tucuman 1216, along with all the rest of my favorite spots on the block. Just ignore that giant gym on the corner ;)


Miguel Ortiz said...

I think Argentina is one of the best experiences of my life.

I've been living in Buenos Aires the last 4 years and i simply love it.

I have a blog:
Viajar a Argentina about my experience when i came here, helping a lot of people to know this beautifull land.

HOpe you can visit me back ;) nice blog keep it on!

Line Jacobsen said...

Hi thanks for this blog. I was looking for the pancake house, and couldn't find a webpage about it. I have been living in Rosario for the past year and simple love that block as well it almost make me fell home.I love working out at Megatlon, get my coffe at Starbucks, my pizza at Doppio Zero and now I just need to try a pancake! :D
Are you still living in Rosario? Do you having any good places to go please email me:

Bruno Alassia said...

Hi, in case you wanna find some good places to eat in Rosario you can checkout Kuesty, is a local guide for restaurants, pubs and bars. I believe the dont have the site in english, but there you can see what other people recommends in Rosaio.