Monday, February 6, 2012

Doppio Zero

UPDATE JULY 2013: Sadly, this place is no longer on my favorites list. It's gotten progressively worse and the last 2 times I went, there were problems (raw gnocchi, wrong orders) with the food and everyone had to eat/wait for others to eat at different times. The worst part is that the manager seems completely indifferent and wants you to pay full price for your late dish without bothering to apologize or even talk with you. None of the original managers or waiters are there today. I can get over mistaken orders, but their attitudes have now ruined several attempts to enjoy a night out with good food.

We first found this restaurant in Funes and were super happy excited to learn that a Doppio Zero just opened in Rosario, too!

There's a full menu of Italian fare - from aperitifs to bruschetta, pizza, pasta and desserts!


And there are desserts with Nutella, oh, yes.

Doppio Zero
Tucumán 1281, Rosario!

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