Thursday, February 3, 2011

This is Why I'm Fat

So, here's the reason (ok, reasons) why I had to go on a diet...

It started innocently enough in the quiet town of Phoenicia in the Catskills. Giant pancakes from Sweet Sue's.

But once we hit San Francisco, it was all downhill from there...

Here's breakfast at Blue Bottle Coffee:

Followed by lunch at City View Dim Sum:


And a stop at Ghirardelli Square for hot chocolate with caramel and sea salt...

...and a Domingo.


Then a delicious beer sampler from 21st Amendment Brewery:

Local/Seasonal brunch at Nopa:

Whoops, I forgot to take photos of our amazing food. Well, here's the bar...

Dinner in the Mission District at Pancho Villa Taqueria, where there is a varied veggie selection but carnitas are a must for meat-eaters.

And, strangely, this is the only photo I took of sourdough from Tartine Bakery, though it took us 3 days to eat the whole loaf.

At some point while in North Beach, I completely lost it and became the salt water taffy monger at Z. Cioccolato.

Luckily, a glass of house wine at Caffe Triste helped me channel my inner beatnik.

And the icing on the rose flavored at SFMoMA's Rooftop Coffee Bar.

Other favorite eating spots were Cowgirl Creamery and Out the Door (eat the steamed buns), both in the Ferry Market Building. Places that we're sad we didn't get to include Bi-rite Creamery, Dynamo Donuts, R&G Lounge,  St. Francis Fountain Diner, Delfina, and Millenium. So, I guess we have to go back.

The recommendations for most of the above came from either David Lebovitz or 101 Cookbooks. And special thanks to Matt for the tip about Sweet Sue's, which will someday appear in his cross-country guide/memoir of the best restaurants ever.


Katie said...

Oh my God! I think I gained five pounds just reading about all that... Everything looks insanely delicious - I wouldn't have been able to resist either!

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

clearly if i ever go to san fran i'll have to get my eating advice from you. what an amazing trip foodwise. check out my other blog later for an update on my crazy new life...never a dull moment.

G said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Katie... i just got fatter by drooling over all those photos!