Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Permanent Residency Obtained

(FYI-You need a copy of the signed page in this book to apply for residency based on marriage)
We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary last week. Weeee! And yet, I still hadn't gotten notice from the immigration office regarding my residency. As a reminder, I've had to renew my temporary version of permanent residency every three months since we submitted all required information to immigration right after our wedding.

As a heads up to anyone who has to go to the immigration office in Rosario - they've decided that they will just give out a finite amount of numbers each day so you can't just go during open hours and expect to be helped. They were out of numbers before 11am yesterday.

So, here's something that they don't tell you: You can check the status of your residency application here - click Consulte Su Trámite de Residencia. This is how we learned that my permanent residency had come through and my papers were ready to be picked up as of November 1. However, the immigration office had told us to wait for a notice to come in the mail. Don't do that. It's December 1 and I haven't received a notice. Just go get your stuff. So, now I have some more papers (that don't even have my photo stapled to them this time), which allow me to apply for a DNI.

So, previously I had thought that a DNI was required for me to apply for an American residency visa on behalf of my spouse. However, after communication with the US embassy in Buenos Aires, it seems that an established residency (so, Residencia Precaria in my case) is sufficient. Then what could possibly be the benefit of applying for a DNI at this point? Well, I suppose that I'll be able to get a credit card from the grocery store now. Hmmmm. Question: is having a DNI overrated???


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

well congratulations all the same for argentina finally getting their act together to give you permanent residency!

Marie said...

Wow! What an amazing (and laborious) process you have had to go through. Congratulations on obtaining the permanent residency.

Katie said...

Hooray! Congratulations on your permanent residency!

Anonymous said...

Yes, having a DNI is not all it is cracked up to be. The only pros I have found is that you can use it to vote after living here with a permanent residency visa for 5 years. The only thing I have used my DNI for is to be added to my husband´s obra social, but I imagine you can do that with your passport and your permanent residency visa.

Ross said...

Probably is overrated as we can supposedly work with the CUIL. I think it's cool to have one though. Kind of like when you get your driver's license for the first time.