Sunday, December 20, 2009


I've been in a whirlwind since the wedding. The day after, we took my family back to the Buenos Aires airport and then made the trip back home--arriving after midnight. Gui took an exam the next morning while I packed for our quick version of a honeymoon.

We spent 3 nights in Villa General Belgrano in Cordoba at Altos Belgrano (hotel & spa) taking advantage of a low season, slow time of the week promotion that included some spa freebies. It was so lovely to leave the city and smell fresh air again. Here's a nice view of the golf course from our room...

And, being that I was free from worrying about fitting into my wedding dress, I was finally able to enjoy beer again. Luckily, this was exactly the place to be with an assortment of local brews--we tried them all! Yeah, minimoon.

We also took a short day-trip to La Cumbrecita...a tiny little village with hiking trails and streams and ponds to explore.

Scenes from the long and winding road home...

Now to begin planning a more elaborate honeymoon to take place during the European spring. No official plans yet except for a stop in the Canary Islands - suggestions welcome!!!


Marie said...

Looks amazing! And so lovely to get away for a bit. We did a minimoon and are about to come to Argentina for our proper honeymoon. I'm there in 8 days and just so excited now! Any recommendations for Bariloche or Buenos Aires would be hugely appreciated. Marie x

meag said...

Marie, how exciting! I think that I covered most of my favorite BsAs spots in posts that I've tagged - I'm really not an expert but I did find a new favorite pub on my last visit. You may not be interested in English pub food but it was such a treat for me (Gibraltar -- Peru and Estados Unidos).

I also went to Fundacion Proa for the first time - it's in La Boca - typically a neighborhood that I get in and get out of. Proa's cafe is lovely and has a nice view. Keep a close watch your purse and wallet in La Boca and on the subway.

Another great but hidden art space is the Fundacion Federico Jorge Klemm - which is in a basement at Marcelo T de Alvear 626.

My favorite hotel is The Cocker in San Telmo - so wonderful.

The upscale Palermo Soho neighborhood is such a nice area with trendy shops and there's a Saturday market featuring local designers right off of Plaza Serrano.

It's been 4 years since we went to Bariloche and I can't think of what to recommend except to have a submarino. We did splurge one night and stayed at Edelweiss hotel, which was super fancy to us backpackers. The bathroom floor was seats in a Volvo. oooh.

We stayed a few nights in Villa la angostura, which was a pleasant breath of fresh air but you can pretty much exhaust the town in a day. I can't remember the name of the B&B but maybe Guille will chime in. It was a wonderful trip!

Good luck with your planning. Time Out Buenos Aires is really thorough and helpful. Have a great trip!

Marie said...

Thanks so much! I shall revisit your posts and have a better look into it. We're in Bariloche for NY Eve, only returning to BA for a couple of days at the end of our holiday. I shall look into submarino's too. Thank-you again!!

Katie said...

The minimoon looks like it was really relaxing (you probably needed it after the wedding craziness and family visit!). I love the photo of you with the squirrel statue - too adorable!

As far as honeymoon recommendations, I've traveled to England, France and Spain, so maybe I could give some advice on those spots.

BTW, are you on FB or Twitter? I'd love to add you.

Happy holidays to you and Guille!

Unknown said...

Ohhh you were in my favourite corner of the whole wide world! :D I used to spend every summer in the Calamuchita valley area: mostly Villa Gral. Belgrano... I used to come back from the summer holidays with a 5 kg. overweight from eating so many patries and Black Forest cake at Oma Tulia's and Tante Lenny's! :D I miss that place so much!!