Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Buenos Aires Engagement

Guille & I spent a lovely, unseasonably warm weekend in Buenos Aires to celebrate our 4th year anniversary. To my surprise, we returned home as fiances. :)

The weather was perfect for a celebration drink at Milion. The prices are a little ridiculous for Argentina, but anything goes in this town where metropolitan chic and the third world collide. Our drinks were around 25 pesos each but it was fun and the atmosphere is unique.

The Bar

A REAL Cosmo and a little bling

For real Frozen Mojito

And since we were throwing caution to the wind, we had a late dinner at Cafe San Juan - it looks like a normal bodega but the food will surprise you. Our helpful innkeeper recommended it as a local secret and made our reservations. There are 2 dinner seatings on weekends at (around) 8 and 11.

(Fotos de Guia Oleo)
The server presented the chalk board menus at our table and it was a little weird deciding so fast, but there were only a few veggie options so that helped. We shared a tapa dish and an entree, as we heard that the portions were large (and pricey) along with a half bottle of wine. I assume that the menu changes daily - we had bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes and brie (SO much brie!) and crepes with goat cheese and basil in a creamy tomato sauce. Seriously, it was amazingly delicious and plenty for two. So much that I declined dessert, GASP!

I also have a confession to make - to satisfy my craving for real mac and cheese we popped into Hard Rock Cafe for merienda. And I don't regret it! (Though that probably added to my inability to stomach dessert later that night.)

Since it was sunny, we wondered over to Puerto Madero for a stroll along the river. There's not much else to do since it's an over-planned and under-populated upscale neighborhood but it made for a great walk and we did find Tea Connection, where we enjoyed a couple pots of tea - Indian Chai and Sweet Vanilla, to be exact. And had some time for ring pics.

Yay! What a wonderful weekend!


Julia said...

weee! congrats again! i'm happy to see you went to milion, it is such a nice romantic treat kind of place. i would have liked to go to cafe san juan - maybe next time ;-)

Katie said...

How exciting! Congratulations on your engagement! Can I just say though, that I am bummed about the fact that I didn't know you were in Buenos Aires this weekend. I was too! :(

Weber said...

You know how very happy I am for you both!
Where and when will the wedding be? Mark and I will begin saving up! We wouldn't miss it for the world you know.

Cate Subrosa said...