Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Gelato By Any Other Name Isn't The Same

In an earlier post, I professed my love for Yomo, but soon after I wrote the words I stumbled upon the most delicious ice cream shop, San Remo (Av Godoy y Crespo). And it was packed with ice cream seekers at 2am! I should really stop calling it ice cream, though, because it's gelati (Italian). Ice cream is called helado here, but this shop isn't messin around, they are a gelateria.

This sweet, creamy dessert is my favorite food. It brings back memories of breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Italy with the girls. I love that there are so many flavors packed into this little shop:

Just have a look at the swirls and chunks of deliciousness crammed into each flavor!

Guille and I split a 3-flavor concoction in a waffle cone bowl for only 7 pesos. This is Oreo & Cream, Dulce de Leche San Remo (fudge swirls), and Choco-chunk. Enjoy!


Julia said...


diva said...

OOOH i love gelato..when i was in milan i had gelato every day :) and in the summer, it is literally what i live on.

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Gina said...

Oooh my goodness that is one huge waffle bowl of gelato!! Gelato was actually one of the very last non-vegan things I had :)

Katie said...

I absolutely adore ice cream/gelato/helado...whatever you want to call it. Daniel and I have two favorite places here in Necochea. I am definitely going to write a blog post about them! And can I say, 7 pesos for that sundae is a very good price! Great, now I'm drooling. ;)

Katie said...

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