Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Funny Valentine

I finally get to spend this silly holiday with Guille. We've spent one other Feb 14 together, thanks to a snowstorm that kept him in New York an extra week, but we pre-celebrated so the actual day was uneventful. I realize that it's a day soaked in over-consumption but I thought that a little homemade surprise wouldn't hurt to set the mood for this weekend.

Guille isn't as big of a fan of chocolate as I am (I actually need chocolately goodness to survive) so I made one of his favorite recipes with a cheesy romantic twist. Yep, I used a tall, heart-shaped cookie cutter to make Scones de mi Corazon. (JAJAJAJA) And I sprinkled raw sugar on the top before baking.

I'm absolutely delighted that my dear friend Julia and her boyfriend are visiting Argentina this week! (Bienvenidos!!) And they're making the trek out to Rosario too! I'm totally excited that we're traveling with them back to Buenos Aires and spending the weekend in the city. I'll be sure to tell you where we take them out to eat here, and what places we find in BA. Your recommendations are warmly welcome!

Guille and I are staying at Moana, a B&B in San Telmo (shamelessly romantic part of town) so that's our present to each other. The scones will undoubtedly be gone by then. So, yay! Fun filled mini-break with friends instead of crazy stuffed animals for Valentines!


Katie said...

Awww, these are so cute! They look really delicious too. Although I must say, I'm right there with you on the chocolatey goodness. ;) (I think Americans are way more obsessed with chocolate than Argentines.)

Your Valentine's Day plans sound wonderful. I'll just miss out on Valentine's Day with my sweetie, but I'm sure we'll make up for it on March 1st.

I have a great restaurant recommendation, but it's a parrilla. I'm not sure how that would sit with a vegetarian. lol :p Have a great time!

Weber said...

What??? He's not a chocolate fan??? How can this be??? I MUST have chocolate or life does not go well at all!!! Oh well, if he's not a chocolate lover guess that means there will be more left for us. Strange man though.... :-)
I have to admit Mark only likes milk chocolate - yuck. I love dark, dark, dark really good really expensive chocolate - just shoot me now......

Oh, by the way, those are very cute but are you SURE you shouldn't have dipped them in chocolate too???